Our Approach

Overcoming the Past

Unplanned pregnancy can lead to feelings of confusion, hopelessness, and fear. We believe that every young woman who comes to Amira’s house has a unique story. However, common themes of abandonment, neglect and various forms of abuse (physical, sexual, verbal, emotional) have often occurred before crisis pregnancy. At Amira’s house, we seek to help her overcome the past by providing guidance and support through Christian counseling, group bible studies and mentorship. Inner healing ministry helps her move forward by addressing shame, fear, and unforgiveness.


Embracing the Present

At Amira’s House, we support the mother whether she chooses to parent or place her child for adoption. We access a variety of government and community-based programs that optimize pre-natal care, including Medicaid, SNAP and WIC. We provide ongoing counseling and mentorship, and nutrition and exercise programs to foster physical and emotional wellbeing. We utilize staff with case management background to develop a personal plan for each resident. This individualized plan with unique goals and strategies will help her make the most of her stay and provide vision for the future.


Preparing for the Future

We believe that every young girl that comes to Amira’s House has a unique set of gifts and a God given destiny. Unplanned pregnancy does not define her and does not have to limit her achievements. With our assistance, she will work to accomplish short and long-term goals that help her grow emotionally and spiritually, develop parenting and practical life skills, and prepare for continued education and her career. During her stay, each client will participate in household chores, nutritious meal planning, budgeting, shopping, and care of newborns. Community resources provide additional life skills training such as formal parenting classes, budget coaching, infant child CPR, car seat safety and more. With the proper encouragement and resources, we believe she will be successful in every area of life.